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Matthew L. Rienstra


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Matt Rienstra helps his clients solve legal problems involving contracts, occupational licensing, personal injuries, and criminal charges. He is a strategic thinker who makes it a point to act as a trusted advisor and advocate to every client. Many people fear lawyers for the same reason they fear auto mechanics—because they’re not sure how much the services will cost. Matt works diligently to estimate the costs ahead of time and to strategize with and advocate for clients even before a lawsuit becomes necessary.

Matthew received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Texas and his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Houston College of Law (formerly South Texas College of Law,) where he had the benefit of learning from professors and business professionals who had vast experience in the Texas community and economy. After graduating from UT, he began a business with some college friends, running the business while they created and sold the product. They found quick success, but encountered some difficulty with their trademark. After negotiating the settlement, he sold his shares and spent some time exploring life before he began his journey in law. He was inspired to help businesses navigate the legal obstacles that inevitably arise. Like a doctor supports your health and body, a good lawyer supports your business and finances, and Matt finds great joy in helping a business make its way down the road.

Matt has lived in several cities around the country and has worked in a variety of positions, both in and out of the legal field. His varied experience provides him with intuition and insight, and offers his clients a unique and useful perspective. In every case, his clients benefit from his extensive trial experience in complex toxic tort, environmental and health law cases as well as basic civil, criminal and administrative cases.

Matt has been involved with a number of prominent cases, most notably leading a trial team in a successful lawsuit against a large national healthcare provider with multiple violations of nursing home regulations. In this case, malpractice and abuse lead to the death of a 30-year-old mentally challenged woman. During jury selection the provider agreed to pay, at that time, the largest civil penalty ever won by the state, and also admitted publically to the violations. He has defended corporations where the demands were in excess of 5 million dollars, and he has worked with small businesses to collect on their invoices—he enjoys helping businesses to thrive, whatever the scale. Matt was also appointed to the Flood Mitigation Task Force by the Austin City Council, during which time he chaired the committee, ultimately offering up 198 recommendations regarding how the city might lessen the damage to property and danger to individuals during incidents of flooding.

These days, Matt is especially passionate about working with health companies such as hospice providers. Because the government does not run hospice and nursing homes, there can be a big distance between the regulators and the regulated. Matt is able to enter into relationship with these centers to improve their model for care and provide good services, all while shielding them for the reality that not every situation is perfect.

When he’s not in the courtroom, Matt enjoys reading, running, and biking, and he volunteers with the Boy Scouts and the Austin Recovery Center for the Homeless. Through his church, he is also able to help various organizations in Africa, Honduras, New Mexico, and Austin. He is a political junkie who enjoys the occasional single malt Scotch. A proud dad to three kids who are in the process of carving out their own careers, he enjoys the time he gets to spend with them along the way. Looking to connect? Find him on LinkedIn